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When it comes to book editing, manuscript, word cost, story formative and editorial measure, you ought not risk it. All things being equal, when the editorial task is well taken care of, proceed to proofread.

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Hire Book Editors and Make your eBook Writing Project Fool-proof

Authors Book Publishers network of editors is knowledgeable in verifiable book editing services like memoirs and academic journals, and a scope of fiction books as well—from Sci-Fi to Romances. Hire book editors, who are matured professionals and worked with top-of-the-line authors across numerous genres.

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Update Your Manuscript With Top Editors!

Having your manuscript looked into by an expert book editor is a compensating experience. Authors regularly remark on the long-lasting benefits enjoyed from their absolute first editing experience.


Line Editing

The editor takes a look at your book line by line and breaks down each sentence which is called line editing. Our line editing service is best for authors.


Copy Editing

The copy-editing measure guarantees that content is right in spelling, sentence structure, language, accentuation, phrasing, semantics, and arranging. Our copy-editing service will clean the language in your paper and free it of all linguistic and typographical mistakes.


Structural Editing

The structural edit is the process that starts things out after a manuscript is complete. Structural editing is a way to deal with further develop your story format to keeps the reader locked in.

We Are Here To Serve You Editing Or Manuscript Services.

All in all, you can make a few mistakes while writing, and we give you an aide in editing. Regardless if these errors are spelling botches, syntax issues, manuscript or erroneous structure sentences. What's more, we assist you with amending huge or minor mistakes and make clearness in your voice. Consequently, we are a bunch of innovative and committed people. Thus, we love to serve you with the services referenced underneath.

How Book Editing Process Works?

Book Analysis and Review

To figure out which editing services are the best fit for you and your publishing objectives, you need to present your writing with the expectation of complimentary review and appraisal by our publication group.

Manuscript Revisions

An expert group of editors will reach out to you to propose meaningful editing for your book. This will help in making you have an error free write up.

Edited Manuscript

In 12-15 work days, you will get your edited manuscript from our editorial team. We will decide the ideal publishing platforms and guide you all through the interaction.


Proofreading means cautiously checking for mistakes in the final draft of a piece of writing to guarantee consistency and exactness in syntax, spelling, accentuation and designing.


Your Path To Publishing….

At Author Book Publisher, we’re dedicated to making your journey from writer to published author as easy as possible. From first-time authors to experienced veterans, novelists to best author books, we’ve helped many thousands prove that it doesn’t take a traditional book publishing process to bring a dream to life. We provide you the quality book products and services you need to get the job done.

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